Good things come to Helsinki  via the port


Construction workers at construction sites, tourists on Esplanadi, a latte in a café, French cheeses in a restaurant, bananas at the grocery store, shoes bought from an online store – all kinds of good things come to Helsinki over the sea and via the port. We receive a flow of vitality: work, commercial activity and opportunities. Export brings wealth to Finland; import brings the components of a good life.

The sea connects, and the port is a gateway from Finland to the world. Helsinki is one of the world’s busiest passenger ports. Finnish people travel avidly by ship to Estonia, Sweden and Germany – and to further parts of Europe.

Annually, 12 million passengers pass through the Port of Helsinki, and the flow of cargo is almost 15 million tonnes, equivalent to approximately 10 million cars. In euros, the impact of the harbour operations is 4.1 billion per year.

The scale of operations is large, and the Port of Helsinki wants to be the forerunner of sustainable development in its field.

The impact can be seen and felt, and it radiates across the whole of Finland – to all our well-being.